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I am Luchia Storing McKinnon, and I am so pleased to have the chance to share with you mine and my family’s great passion for Turquoise and Native American jewelry and art.  Just for clarification and to minimize confusion… yes, I am my mother’s namesake.

In 1975 with two pounds of borrowed turquoise, our humble kitchen table, and divine intervention, our American dream was born and my family was off and running in the Turquoise and American Indian jewelry and art business.  My earliest childhood Kingman Spiderweb Turquoisememories are marked by the countless adventurous road trips traveling from the turquoise mines in the southwest to the American Indian reservations with a car trunk filled to the brim with buckets of rough turquoise to barter for handcrafted Native Indian jewelry.

From the age of 2, I was pulling on my mother’s apron strings from behind the jewelry counter anxious to help her make a sale.  It was under my mother’s amazing wing, at an early age, where I learned how to showcase individual pieces of turquoise jewelry and weave a narrative to our customers about the artisans that created each unique piece.  By the age of 10, I was already skilled at cutting and polishing turquoise cabochons for sale.

It is in these early childhood experiences procuring natural stones untitled-107from the earth and trading with the Indians for their handcrafted artisanal goods, I developed a passion for the natural fruits of the earth and the authentic.  My love for turquoise and natural gemstones has grown organically and now “Turquoise is in my blood”.

I, like most women, love to wear beautiful jewelry and find excitement in pairing the unexpected with the eclectic to create beautiful statement style.  As I wear my own eclectic turquoise jewelrypieces, I often catch myself stopping to admire the rich color of turquoise and contemplate the intricate veins of matrix that give each stone its unique beauty.   And… although I have seen many thousands of pieces of turquoise jewelry, I still relish the excitement of procuring the latest creations from my favorite artisans.

In sharing our collection of turquoise jewelry and Native American artwork with you, I am also sharing a lifetime full of rich adventures, a love of meaningful artwork, and the thrill of discovering the beauty of the finest fruits of the earth.  Just as Native American jewelry and artwork preserve a heritage, Turquoise de Luchia preserves my heritage.  I am a purest and perfectionist at heart and have developed a meticulous eye for every detail.  By procuring our jewelry, art, and stones directly from the source, we have been able to deliver this same attention to detail and build a thriving Native Turquoise Jewelry business over the last 38 years.

I invite you to browse my website at turquoisedeluchia.com , shop with confidence, and join me in wearing meaningful artwork that enriches your statement style.

                                                                                                              Luchia Signature*revised



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  1. Lucy (Lucia in Italian) · · Reply

    Hi Luchia: I don’t know if you remember me, I and my husband and daughter were visiting your trading post a long time ago. I purchased among other things a Navajo cradleboard, which I do have. I wanted to send you a note, and say it was a pleasure to meet you. Hope all is well.

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